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March 24, 2017


A few years ago, my son, a student enrolled at FWISD identified with a learning disability, was reading three years below his grade level.  I was stunned to learn he had not been receiving services from his school to help him reach his reading goals. 


I reached out to his teachers, to his counselor, and finally to the principal.  Unfortunately, we were unable to make any meaningful progress with these conversations, and I was at the end of my rope.  I felt completely helpless in my ability to advocate for my own child.


 I did not know where to turn or how to navigate the process of righting the wrongs for my son.  As a last-ditch effort, I reached out to my School Board trustee, Ashley Paz. 


The response was swift and immediate.  She knew who to call and what to say to guarantee action.  Within days I was in touch with District Staff and I could explain the situation to people who listened.  They served as mediators between myself and our school administration, and got my son the services he needed. 


The following school year was a breakthrough year for my son.  His reading levels surged by almost three grade levels.  We were stunned when he received an Ann Brannon award, an award for exemplary academic achievement! 


To this day, I feel as though I have Ashley to thank for the kick start needed to get my son the necessary help, and I am forever grateful to be represented by someone who understands the needs of children with learning differences.  I am confident in her abilities to represent ALL the students in FWISD as she has proven she is one to take action when action is needed. 


This is why I will be voting for Ashley on May 6th for FWISD District 9 trustee.  She puts the “trust” in trustee!


Leah Price Suasnovar, District 9 Mother



Thanks to Leah for this special guest post, and for her leadership among FWISD parents of students with learning differences!

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