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February 23, 2017

This past summer I was honored to be named Chairwoman of our FWISD Policy Review Committee.  Since then our committee has established ourselves as a single purpose committee formed to review our local governance (B) policies that define the way the board conducts business.  We have put off any concrete policy review until we had the opportunity to participate in Lonestar Governance training that was prescribed by Texas Education Agency as part of our district turnaround plan.  


Now we know that our board has deliverables that are due quarterly to TEA as part of our turnaround plan.  One of those deliverables is the very work that we are engaged in with this committee.  Our committee had the opportunity to meet yesterday where we discussed our plan moving forward to complete a review of our governance policies.  It was decided that we will continue with the original standards that we adopted when the committee was first formed.  These standards rely on a student achievement focus and increased transparency.  We have also asked staff to develop a review schedule so that everyone knows when we will discuss what policies and have the opportunity to attend the meeting if they so wish.  


I am really excited about this work, and I hope that we will received public input on this process.  If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact me or my fellow committee members.  Below I have provided our founding standards (developed with full board input) and our policy review schedule.  you can find meeting agendas here.


Board Policy Committee

Ashley Paz- District 9




T.A. Sims- District 4



Norman Robbins- District 7



Jacinto Ramos Jr- District 1





Policy Committee Expectations, Scope, and Priorities


Policy Review Schedule




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