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About two years ago I received news that changed my life forever.  That I was accepted for admission to the TCU Executive MBA program.  It was an overwhelming to think about going back to school while raising two young children, working full time, and serving on the school board.  It took a lot of prayer and hard conversations with my family, but I ultimately took the leap.  

I started classes on my 33rd birthday, Aug...


This past summer I was honored to be named Chairwoman of our FWISD Policy Review Committee.  Since then our committee has established ourselves as a single purpose committee formed to review our local governance (B) policies that define the way the board conducts business.  We have put off any concrete policy review until we had the opportunity to participate in Lonestar Governance training that was prescribed by Texas Ed...


It's time to dust off our boots and hit the streets of District 9 to remind the voters how much progress we have made over the last four years. In this time we have also seen our share of challenges, but with you by my side we have persevered for our children. Now I am asking you to stand with me once again.

This Sunday, Febuary 5, I will be hosting a volunteer meeting at The Neighborhood Library located at Allen and 5th at 2pm...


Today was one for the history books.  I am humbled at the turnout from today's Women's March on Downtown Fort Worth.  8,000+ women, men, and children joined together in unity to take a stand against the incessant division in our society.  The entire experience was joyful, and cathartic, and peaceful.  I loved that everyone had their own reason for being there, but people of all ages, races, religions, and political ideologies...


Four years have flown by. Thank you for your support and encouragement, District 9. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve you. 

I look forward to earning your vote once again so we can continue improving opportunities for EVERY child in Fort Worth ISD.  


The new year is always an exciting time for me.  It is a time to reflect and renew my commitment to the things that matter.  There is nothing that has mattered more to me over the last 4 years than my service to the students and parents of Fort Worth ISD, and I am proud to announce my re-commitment to this service and my campaign for re-election to the Fort Worth School Board.

In 2013 I was a young mother prepari...


It has been over two years since I visited The White House for the first time to attend President Obama's Town Hall for his My Brother's Keeper initiative.  White House officials have assembled a national day of action to bring awareness to mentor-ship opportunities as they prepare to turn the keys over to the new administration.  

The national day of action has been called in conjunction with a final convening of the My B...


Today is a huge day for Transgender youth in FWISD.  I am very proud to share with you several months of hard work that has finally come to fruition.   Superintendent Scribner announced the following at last night's board meeting:


 "Today I signed the FWISD Transgender Guidelines.  These guidelines are in alignment with our existing and comprehensive policy on protection of discrimination FFA Local, and provide more speci...


 Fort Worth has a lot of great supporters of public education.  I had the opportunity today to hear this presentation about the great things that our community leaders are doing to support early education in Fort Worth.  

Their focus is not only FWISD, but all education and early childhood centers in the city.  They will be addressing early literacy and numeracy skills to close the gap of children who enter school rea...


Congressman Veasy with Board President Jacinto Ramos Jr. and H.V. Helbing ES Principal  Ana Morales at an On Track event.

Photo Credit: Michael Zukerman


32 percent of the nation’s African American males and some 39 percent of the nation’s Hispanic males attend school each day in urban school systems.  In my role as an elected board member of an urban school system I have had the privilege to review student outcome data on...

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